Military bases on highest alert since 9/11 10th year anniversary

Increased terrorist chatter on Social Media caused an increased level of security at 3,200 military installations and health care facilities.

FBI director James Comey recently announced there is thousands of Isis supporters operating within the USA borders. Other intelligence experts state that the increased security at all of DoD suggests a credible threat.

Terrorist have also been posting pictures and addresses of top military personnel instructing supporters to attack them. Top security experts have been warning military and their families to stop posting pictures and information about current and former military personnel online. OPSEC (operational security) is being taught to military personnel and their families.
Tens of thousands of Youtube videos exist of returning vets and their families, Facebook family photos and LinkedIn military personnel current and former looking for jobs can be found with contact information.

For a small fee anyone in the world can access genealogy sites and be given information about veterans. Once pictures are posted on they refuse to delete them even if the account is closed. Mailing lists of veterans that have purchased military license plates can be obtained from the department of motor vehicles.

More and more veterans are being asked to give up their personal freedoms to be labeled as veterans by the government and businesses. Janet Napolitano stated as former Homeland security director Veterans need to be tracked for security of the nation. NORAD is now tasked with tracking patriots, militias and other groups that display paramilitary activity and beliefs.

Two days after Soldier of Fortune magazine ran an article of Chuck Norris plan for Jade Helm’s 1,200 Special Forces troops to secure the border and stop terrorizing locals in Texas DoD increased security at their bases and Homeland Security is also at a heightened alert. Jade Helm is a Martial law drill by the US troops scheduled from July to September of 2015.
Only 4 times in the US history since 9/11 has the country been at such high security level BRAVO.

Feb 2003 – Concerns over Al-Qaeda
Dec 2003 – Concerns about the Holiday Season
May 2011 – Aftermath of the Death of Osama Bin Laden
Sept 2011 – 10th year anniversary of 9/11